Craig Vachon

Position: CEO, AI Redefined (AIR)

With over 25 years of experience in leading P&L operations, new product development, corporate development, sales, marketing, and finance for start-ups and high-tech companies worldwide, I have a proven track record of delivering innovation, growth, and value. I have raised ~US$1.6B in private equity investment for >40 companies in eight countries, (including investing in six unicorns to date).

As the CEO of AI Redefined, I am on a mission to enable people and AI to trust and continuously learn from each other. Our dynamic orchestration platform, Cogment, leverages AI to the benefit of humankind through human-AI collaboration technology. Additionally, I am the Chairman of Yseop, a NLG oriented startup focusing on speeding new drugs/vaccines to patients. I am also the founder/sole investor of Chowdahead Growth Fund, a seed investment firm that supports organizations that scale well, target more than a billion people, have a sustainable differentiator, and provide real benefits to humankind. I am passionate about mentoring, presenting, and writing on topics related to AI, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

I am an author of novels, a (water-buffalo-like) ballerina, an asker of important questions, and an incessant traveler (7.4m cumulative miles to date). I pursue learning and laughter as my personal life goals.

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