Monterey Bay Regional Advanced Technology Workforce Training Center Feasibility Study

By Published On: December 13, 2023

Monterey Bay DART is pleased to announce the release of an advanced technology regional workforce training center feasibility study in collaboration with the Hatamiya Group . The feasibility study assessed existing facilities, programs, structures, and site options to determine the need and demand for a new regional workforce training center.

“Our extensive data collection and thorough analysis of the Monterey Bay Region’s demographic and socio-economic makeup concluded that the Region retains the fundamental attributes for the potential development of a regional advanced manufacturing workforce training center,” says Lon Hatamiya, President and CEO of The Hatamiya Group. “Our conclusions highlight a younger, diverse, and less educated workforce actively seeking employment within the Region. This conclusion is further supported by the various survey responses and stakeholder outreach highlighting the need for current and future workforce training opportunities across Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties.”

The following recommendations were set forth based upon key findings developed through key stakeholder interviews, surveys, extensive data analysis, and independent research:

  • Develop a collaborative partnership with Monterey Bay Region community colleges and universities to provide distributed workforce training courses based upon their existing and available curriculum.
  • Develop a specific advanced manufacturing training curriculum working in partnership with Monterey Bay region community colleges and universities, with input from an advisory board of local employers, industry leaders, and community-based organizations that meet their respective workforce needs now and into the future.
  • Plan, Design, and Implement an advanced manufacturing workforce training center that is centrally located and accessible to those in need of training and will be the site to deliver the specific advanced curriculum.

“We are excited to release this advanced technology workforce training center feasibility study to our multi-sector community of interest. The Monterey Bay region is at a pivotal moment to support rapid upskilling for jobs of the future in advanced manufacturing, electric vehicle and robotics operations and maintenance, and other emerging technologies,’ says Josh Metz, Monterey Bay DART Executive Director. “We hope this study provides insights, policy and funding guidance to our workforce development and education focused community colleagues, and will help make such a center a reality in the Monterey Bay region.”

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About Monterey Bay DART:

Monterey Bay DART is a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to promoting innovation, future-relevant workforce, and economic development solutions. The initiative is a collaborative effort with representatives from local government, business, education, and community organizations. Visit for more details.

About the Hatamiya Group:

The Hatamiya Group is a consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in economic development, workforce development, and strategic planning. Specializing in working with public and private sector clients in California and throughout the United States, the Hatamiya Group brings a wealth of expertise to the completed feasibility study. Learn more at

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Written by : Jen Simon