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Advanced Aviation and Autonomous Systems Expert Sarasina Tuchen Joins Monterey Bay DART Board

By Published On: July 1, 2024

MARINA, CA – Monterey Bay Drone, Automation, and Robotics Technology (DART) is excited to announce the appointment of advanced aviation and autonomous systems expert Sarasina Tuchen to its Board of Directors. Ms. Tuchen’s proven leadership and experience in advanced aviation and autonomous systems technologies will be instrumental in supporting DART’s mission to drive economic development, workforce training, and innovation throughout the Monterey Bay region and beyond.

“Sarasina’s in-depth knowledge of the industry, extensive relationship network, national perspective, and unwavering commitment to DART’s goals make her an ideal addition to our board,” said Executive Director of Monterey Bay DART Josh Metz. “We are honored to have her join us, and we look forward to her significant contributions in shaping a brighter future for our communities.”

Ms. Tuchen brings over 35 years of distinguished experience in both the private and public sectors. Her expertise spans advanced aviation technologies, automation, autonomy, multimodal integration, and interoperability, making her an invaluable asset to the DART team.

Prior to her recent retirement from federal service, Ms. Tuchen spearheaded the automation strategy for the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Interagency Working Group at the U.S. Department of Transportation‘s (USDOT) Highly Automated Systems Safety Center of Excellence. In this critical role, she played a key role in implementing the AAM Coordination and Leadership Act (Public Law 117-203), fostering collaboration among 22 federal agencies to propel this groundbreaking initiative forward.

“Sarasina’s extensive experience comes at a pivotal time for DART, and her insights will be incredibly valuable,” said the Monterey Bay DART Board Chair, Dr. Brad Barbeau. “We are eager to work alongside Sarasina to expand DART’s reach and amplify our impact on economic development, workforce training, critical infrastructure, and innovation programs across the region.”

Ms. Tuchen’s illustrious career also encompasses her tenure as the USDOT’s lead representative at NASA Ames Research Center. Her work there underscored the importance of seamless multimodal integration for the successful introduction of new airspace vehicles. Her contributions have been essential in shaping policy and regulatory frameworks for automation and autonomy in the aviation sector.

Furthermore, Ms. Tuchen has served as a sought-after keynote speaker, expert panelist, and national working group member. She is also a published author and has held the prestigious role of international conference technical chair on emerging multimodal and air transportation technologies and standards.

Monterey Bay DART is confident that Ms. Tuchen’s remarkable experience, extensive industry relationships, and expertise will significantly contribute to the organization’s continued success and propel its mission forward.

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Written by : Denise Silva