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Joby Aviation



Photo of Joby Aviation

Ten years ago, we set out to improve daily transportation. Increased congestion, longer commute times, and rising emissions compelled us to pioneer a new class of electric aircraft that quietly soars above gridlock—getting you to where you are going up to five times faster than driving.

Our mission is to deliver an elevated perspective on mobility that prioritizes the health of our cities and the value of your time.

Our four passenger aircraft takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter, then smoothly transitions to forward flight. Its all-electric powertrain allows for near silent cruise, while accelerating the shift to sustainable transportation. Designed with high levels of redundancy to avoid single points of failure, our piloted aircraft will get you comfortably and reliably to your destination.

The Future of Air Transportation

Congestion is bad… and getting worse. Transportation systems in many of our cities are at the breaking point, while population growth, urbanization, and underfunded infrastructure remain powerful trends. This is leading to ever-longer commute times and lower quality of life.

We envision a world freed from the constraints of ground-based transportation, where daily life is no longer defined by hours wasted sitting in traffic⁠—a world of more abundant time to spend how you value most, and the freedom to choose where to work, play, and call home.

First: The Aircraft

For more than ten years, we have been quietly developing the most advanced and comfortable electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, designed specifically to pioneer the air taxi market.

To date, we have been squarely focused on the hard business of aircraft development. The right vehicle is the key to unlocking the usage and scale necessary to make daily air transportation accessible for all.

Next: The Service

As children, we all dreamt of one day owning a “flying car.” However, we believe the safest and most affordable way to deliver air transportation to everyone is to operate these vehicles and deliver air transportation-as-a-service directly to riders. This approach allows us to ensure highly-trained pilots are flying our vehicles, while we continually optimize the service to steadily lower prices.

Finally: The Vision: Air Transportation for All

We aim to make this mode of transportation affordable and accessible to everyone. From inception, the fully-electric powertrain enables lower fuel costs, less maintenance, and faster speeds, allowing operating expenses to be spread over a larger number of trips. Over time, we will scale the service—increasing manufacturing volume, vertiport infrastructure, and usage—to steadily lower passenger pricing, eventually approaching the cost of ground transportation today.

We recognize that reaching this scale will take time, but this has always been a long-term journey. We’ve been quietly working on this problem for 10 years already, and we’re in it for the long haul.