Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Monterey Bay DART program aims to support the commercialization of DART-oriented innovations through entrepreneurship. DART works closely with regional universities, entrepreneur groups, and investors to realize progress in this program area. In working with Universities, DART aims to reduce the gap between industry needs and applied research by promoting collaboration through industry and academic forums. These forums provide a platform for knowledge exchange, allowing industry leaders to share real-world challenges. Researchers and educators can tailor their curricula to identify novel solutions to industry demands and global issues vital to a thriving world. DART also sponsors and engages in student entrepreneurship challenges and facilitates introductions and connectivity between entrepreneurs and investors, potential collaborators, and employees.

This program fosters a collaborative environment that breaks down silos and encourages open communication between stakeholders. Hosting industry and educational forums creates a valuable two-way street. These interactive platforms allow industry leaders to share real-world challenges, informing educators on the skills needed for a successful workforce. This collaborative approach benefits both sides: educators can develop relevant curricula, and the industry gains access to a pool of graduates with the right skills to contribute to the region's workforce solutions.