Monterey Bay Tech Hub Announces Leadership Council for AAM Growth

By Published On: May 23, 2024

MARINA, CA – The Monterey Bay Tech Hub, a collaborative effort focused on fostering advanced air mobility (AAM) and driving economic prosperity in the tri-county region, has announced the formation of its Leadership Council. This esteemed group of regional leaders represents various industries and sectors across Monterey Bay. They share a common goal: to leverage AAM technologies to create significant economic opportunities and job growth in San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties.

“The formation of the Leadership Council is a significant milestone for the Monterey Bay Tech Hub, marking a significant advancement in our journey,” said Executive Director of Monterey Bay DART Josh Metz “With their wealth of experience and expertise, these leaders will play a pivotal role in positioning our region as a leader in the AAM industry.”

The Leadership Council will focus on critical areas such as:

  • Workforce development: Ensuring the tri-county region has a skilled workforce prepared to support the growth of the AAM industry.
  • Regional infrastructure: Developing the infrastructure needed to support electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and hydrogen-fueled technologies.
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Cultivating an innovation ecosystem that empowers AAM startups and businesses to thrive.

“I am honored to be part of this groundbreaking initiative,” said Executive Director of Monterey Bay DART Josh Metz “By working together, we can unlock the immense potential of AAM and create a future of prosperity for our region.”

Leadership Council Members:

About Monterey Bay DART

The Monterey Bay Drone, Automation, and Robotics Technologies (DART) initiative is a non-profit dedicated to advancing innovation and creating high-road career pathways in the fields of drone, automation, and robotics technology. To learn more, visit:

About the Monterey Bay Tech Hub:

The Monterey Bay Tech Hub is a coalition of regional stakeholders committed to advancing AAM opportunities in the tri-county region. Founding members include the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, UC Santa Cruz, and Monterey Bay DART. To learn more, visit:

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Written by : Denise Silva