Education & Policy

The Monterey Bay DART Education & Policy program is focused on educating cross-sector interests about the opportunities and challenges involved in realizing social and community benefits from DART-oriented economic development. DART advocates for practical policy innovations and funding to advance the safe and secure integration of emerging technologies for the benefit of communities. We work to secure funding from public and private sources to accelerate research, upgrade infrastructure, and empower new businesses in this revolutionary field. By ensuring these resources, we can unlock the potential for drone and AAM benefits to local communities, creating a cleaner, more efficient transportation system.

This program aims to educate and advocate for public policy leaders regarding the opportunities and challenges inherent in the emerging DART industries. DART utilizes a multi-pronged approach, providing education, advocacy, and securing funding from public and private sources. These strategic efforts are aimed to accelerate research and development, upgrade infrastructure, and empower new ventures. Ultimately, unlocking market potential through facilities, airspace, and market access propelled the region and the entire state to continue leadership in these groundbreaking technology arenas.