Adrienne Lindgren

Position: Hyundai Urban Air Mobility

Adrienne Lindgren is an urban planner and economic development professional, with a focus on integrating advanced transportation technology into the built environment to enhance urban and regional mobility outcomes.  Adrienne joined Hyundai Motor Group in 2020 and now serves as the Head of City Activations; in this capacity, Adrienne and her team partner with entities across the globe to better understand how UAM technology can deliver universal, affordable, and human-centered cities, while driving and supporting initiatives that increase capacity for UAM solutions in a multi-modal mobility environment.  Her work is guided by principles of equity, accessibility, and ecological and fiscal sustainability.

Prior to joining Supernal (Hyundai Motor Group), Adrienne worked for WSP USA, an engineering services firm, where she assisted transportation owners and operators in delivering innovative transportation technology programs, while leading a new practice in aviation innovation.

She has worked with international transportation and aviation authorities, airports, DOTs, and local planning entities across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK/EU. Before moving into the private sector, Adrienne spent time in local government under the Garcetti administration in the City of Los Angeles; she continues to serve local government as a private citizen through the  local planning commission.