Bill Sherrod

Position: Advisor, HawkTower

With over 25 years of dedicated service as a Naval Officer and executive leader, I am a passionate visionary committed to advancing the team’s mission and goals. My adaptability and achievement have been consistent hallmarks throughout my career as I navigated diverse sectors, including aviation, maritime operations, community management, and higher education and research administration. I added enduring organizational value in each role, demonstrating a keen ability to drive excellence and innovation.

My expertise lies in operational planning, talent development, and strategic communication, enabling me to facilitate and empower teams for success. This professional journey has honed three key skills—organizational problem-solving, strategic visioning and planning, and leader development—setting me apart in my field. I bring diverse perspectives and experiences to teams, coupled with a strong commitment to organizational change and leadership, which have proven instrumental in spearheading transformative initiatives. These range from comprehensive performance improvement efforts to establishing groundbreaking institutional-level partnerships between globally recognized universities.

Grounded in values of integrity, service before self, excellence, equity, and continuous improvement, I am motivated by a commitment to the greater good. My fulfillment comes from leaving organizations in a better state than I found them and making a positive impact on those I serve and lead. Looking ahead, my long-term career goal is to continue serving as a leader in an organization dedicated to making a positive impact. I am particularly drawn to company cultures that value initiative, foster shared values and goals, and appreciate individuals’ contributions to collective success.