Cassie Meigs DroneSeed

Cassie Meigs

Position: DroneSeed

Cassie Meigs is the Director of Account Management at the Seattle-based startup DroneSeed. DroneSeed’s mission is to use technology and science to scale reforestation to a level that adequately responds to the climate crisis. DroneSeed is pioneering enhanced seeding technology distributed via heavy lift drone swarms to maximize the speed and scale of reforestation, especially after large-scale disturbance such as wildfire. DroneSeed was named the World’s Most Innovative Company in Robotics by Fast Company in 2021.

Before joining DroneSeed in 2019, Cassie earned her MS in Forest Science from Oregon State University, where she studied the effects of fire severity on forest ecosystem recovery. This research led her to discover geospatial technologies and the power to analyze our world through lidar. Cassie spent over a decade working for Quantum Spatial (now NV5 Geospatial), pushing the boundaries of data and analytics to deliver actionable intelligence. This experience has led to her deep understanding of cutting- edge sensors and UAS platforms.