Jeff Donohoe

Position: Grandsky Development Corp.

Mr. Donohoe has more than 25 years’ experience in the financial analysis of real estate development projects and small business operations. Mr. Donohoe has completed dozens of real estate market studies, financial feasibility studies, redevelopment plans and real property appraisals. He also has extensive experience in the analysis of land, buildings and utility systems associated with the redevelopment of several former military bases. His experience includes work on numerous military installations throughout the United States which have been closed under the Base Realignments and Closure Acts since 1988, including more than seventy different Army, Navy and Air Force installations.

Mr. Donohoe was the lead consultant in evaluating the market and financial feasibility of the Grand Sky project. Grand Sky is a 217-acre business park focused on the rapidly growing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, or “drones”) sector. Grand Sky is being developed on land at Grand Forks Air Force Base, leased from the Air Force by Grand Forks County, and then subleased to the Developer. The project was implemented via an Enhanced Use Lease (EUL), the first-of-its-kind unsolicited publicto- public EUL in the Air Force’s portfolio.

Mr. Donohoe managed a team of subcontractors to evaluate legal issues, complete a survey of the property, conduct an Environmental Assessment on behalf of the Air Force, and to prepare conceptual site plans and development strategies. Mr. Donohoe also prepared market and financial information to support the County’s proposal to lease the property from the Air Force. As a licensed Realtor, Mr. Donohoe was subsequently retained as the exclusive broker for marketing Grand Sky.