Raymond Beuttner

Position: Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. Ray Buettner joined the faculty as Military Instructor in 1999 and stayed on after retirement and earning his doctorate at Stanford University. With undergraduate work in political science/sociology and graduate work as an engineer, Ray is very comfortable moving between the highly technical and less technical domains.

Since initially joining the NPS faculty Ray’s teaching has been interdisciplinary in nature.  His student count is over a thousand students with 101 segments in 22 distinct courses that engaged students in 8 curricula, 3 departments (IS, DA and SE) and 2 schools (GSOIS and GSEAS).  Course subjects range from Systems and Software Engineering (IW04500/SE4003) to Information Operations (IW-3101/SI-2104). He has taught students from all US services as well as several foreign countries to include classes specifically for foreign officers.  His courses run the gamut from non-technical to technically challenging, from 2000 level to 4000 level.

He has served on doctoral committees for 4 PhD awardees from two schools (GSOIS and GSEAS).  This included a Brazilian GSOIS graduate (maintenance enterprise resource planning) as well as a GSEAS PMP graduate (mission-based architecture for swarm composability). He is currently on the committees of 3 additional candidates.