Scott Berry

Position: Joby Aviation

Scott Berry oversees the certification and flight test of a revolutionary new aircraft being developed by Joby Aviation, a startup based in Santa Cruz, CA. The S4 carries 5 people, can take off vertically like a helicopter, fly fast like an airplane, and is exceptionally quiet and safe. Our goal is to save a billion people an hour of driving per day.

Scott has spent his entire life in aviation, flying with his father as a child, building and flying his first remote control Piper Cub at age 6, and earning his private pilots license in his father’s Stearman biplane at age 17. After college, Scott had two goals: build a kitplane out of composites and work for an aviation company developing advanced composite aircraft. This led him to the Mojave Desert where he built the kitplane and began working for General Atomics, developing advanced unmanned aircraft at their R&D flight test facility. Scott worked in advanced composite manufacturing, project engineering, and eventually led the project engineering and design engineering development teams.

After 12 years of becoming frustrated with his ever worsening commute through the desert, Scott started a small company with aspirations to develop an electric VTOL aircraft that he could use to get to work. This led him to Joby Aviation where he walked in to buy an electric motor and unexpectedly, walked out with a job. At Joby Aviation, Scott is responsible for the certification and flight operations of its vehicles and company culture. Scott is an active commercial helicopter and fixed wing pilot.. He earned a
Mechanical Engineering degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is blessed with 5 amazing children. He plans to improve the world through aviation and by being the best father possible.