Steven Spinelo

Position: Skyports

Steven is the Los-Angeles based Infrastructure Lead for Skyports, which designs, builds and operates vertiports for the emerging advanced air mobility (AAM) industry. At Skyports, he is leading the phased network rollout of a multi-nodal vertiport network across the Los Angeles basin and surrounding areas to enable intra-city aerial transport and cargo drone deliveries at scale. He is an advocate of decarbonizing the transportation system by accelerating electrification, and reducing sprawl through enhanced connectivity and multi-modal systems.

A self-described car-culture dissident, a question he’s been wrestling is: despite 100+ years of car-centric planning and design, how can cities move people (and goods) faster, safer and with less carbon emissions? While at the University of Chicago, Steven served as Research Assistant to Dmitri Koustas, Assistant Professor at the Harris School of Public Policy. Additionally, he worked on the Mobility Innovation team at the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development in the City of Los Angeles. At the L.A. Mayor’s Office, he co-authored a report on emerging transportation technologies and their associated impact on urban mobility policymaking. He also spent time at Urban Movement Labs, a nonprofit transportation innovation accelerator, where he assisted with the selection, deployment and evaluation of transportation technology pilots on L.A.’s streets.

Steven received his B.A. in economics from the University of Maryland and Master of Public Policy (MPP) from the University of Chicago. He currently resides in Los Feliz.