Yotam Avrahami

Position: Deloitte

Yotam Avrahami leads commercial and PPP (Private Public Partnerships) projects with Deloitte’s Intelligent Transportation offering. For the past 10 years, Yotam has supported Aerospace and Defense (A&D), Retail, logistics, start-up, and government(FAA, State’s DoTs, EDA, Israel DoT, Israel C&H)) clients to optimize and scale their intelligent transportation capabilities. In addition, he has worked closely with Fortune 500 Multinationals and Governmental Leading Institutions to stand up UAS programs, AAM market technology studies, and Growth Strategies.

Yotam also developed PPP UTM, AAM economic, and business models to expedite the UAS/AAM market growth and to enable operation and R&D for a wide range of private and public entities across the US. He worked with economic development groups, test sites, state’s DOTs, and communities to develop investment strategies utilizing federal funds and private equity. Additionally, he led state-wide AAM deployment roadmaps evaluating infrastructure, policies, and investments needed for the future of aviation.

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