Symposium Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear Industry, Government and Funding Partners:

We are offering a select group sponsorship opportunities for the 2023 Drone, Automation and Robotics Technology (DART) Symposium, Oct 11-13. This three day event will take place at the University Center on the beautiful California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) campus.

This year’s theme is “Innovation Workforce: Mobility, Security, and Environment”. We will explore the progress, opportunities and challenges of expanding DART on the Central Coast.

Our educational and networking outreach is entirely dependent on your participation. We are asking for your continued support for the planning and delivery of our symposium. Please accept our personal invitation to join and sustain our efforts by sponsoring our upcoming symposium (Oct 11-13, 2023). 

Over the years, we have utilized regional partnerships to enhance innovation opportunities. This support has also aided in the development of both workforce and quality jobs.  With your help, we can ensure a sustainable and resilient economic growth for our region.

We strive to benefit our collective regional economy and community by including those who are unable to afford this event. Please join us in funding participation of members of our disadvantaged and underserved communities. We have created a new sponsorship category for this effort.

There are many benefits to joining us as an Event Sponsor as outlined below.

2023 DART Symposium | Innovation Workforce: Mobility, Security, and Environment

The Symposium will emphasize the capabilities of crewed and uncrewed aircraft systems as well as other automation, robotics and technologies that support agriculture, various types of infrastructures, and advanced mobility. As a sponsor, you will engage with industry leaders, innovators, educators and policy makers. Discussions will include the interplay of aerospace, autonomy, and automation industry innovations with:

  • Skilled and inclusive workforce
  • Training and career pathways
  • Community engagement, funding, government programs and regulations empowering these exciting emerging sectors

Why We Need Your Help

Our annual symposium attracts thought leaders, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and investors. Attendees benefit from speaker panel presentations and discussions, learn from local, state, and national thought leaders, and connect with other drone, robotics and automations enthusiasts.

Your sponsorship will allow us to achieve our goals in building an innovative and inclusive tech community in the Monterey Bay area.

Your funding will go towards:

  • Creating a top-notch symposium with industry and policy makers
  • Inviting community-based organizations to interact with these groups, promoting equitable economic and social development for our region
  • Inviting high school and college students from underrepresented communities to participate in the symposium and future events
  • Providing free access to educators to the symposium and future events

Sponsorship Benefits

Your sponsorship will provide increased visibility to a qualified set of industry, academic, and government organizations. Your organization will also benefit from recognition from individuals who have an interest in DART economic opportunities.

All levels of sponsorship include tickets to the 2023 DART Symposium and a 1-year Organizational Membership to Monterey Bay DART!

Join us in our efforts to mobilize and support innovation, education, and economic development in the region. 

CSU Monterey Bay Oct 11-13

INNOVATION WORKFORCE: Mobility, Security and Environment


PLATINUM - $25,000

•  Premium Brand Placement on Home for full calendar year

• Day-of event sponsor recognition (Welcome Session, Intermission Slides)

• Premium Member Showcase location at Exhibit Hall

• 8 event passes for the DART Symposium

• 1-year organizational DART Membership at Gold Level

GOLD - $10,000

•  Brand placement on Home for six months

• Day-of event sponsor recognition (Welcome Session, Intermission Slides)

• Vendor Showcase location at Exhibit Hall

• 6 event passes

• Vendor Participation in Job Fair

• 1-year organizational DART Membership at Silver Level

SILVER - $5,000

• Day-of event sponsor recognition (Welcome Session, Intermission Slides)

• Vendor Showcase location at Exhibit Hall

• 4 event passes

• 1-year organizational DART Membership at Bronze level

BRONZE - $2,500

•  Outgoing communications brand placement and hyperlinks

• 2 event passes or 4 student passes

• 1-year organizational DART membership at Supporting Level


•  Outgoing communications brand placement and hyperlinks

• 1-year organizational DART Membership

Sponsorship Contact

For more information about these and custom sponsorship opportunities, and to secure your organization’s sponsorship position please contact:

Josh Metz (