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Monterey Bay DART Partners with A3 to Unravel Investment Secrets of Advanced Aviation Boom


CCAIPA release MBDART-A3 graphic

Marina, CA | December 19, 2023 – Monterey Bay DART is thrilled to announce a partnership with Advanced Aviation Alignment (A3) to unlock the secrets behind successful public-private investments in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and drone technology. This research will delve into how targeted investments in infrastructure, testing sites, and enablement areas can ignite economic growth, create quality career pathways, and strengthen regional resilience.

Across the US, communities are embracing AAM and sophisticated drone operations as game-changers for transportation, sustainability, and economic development. This study will analyze how strategic public investments in these sectors have led to the creation of exportable products, boosted local economies, and fostered inclusive job opportunities.

Key Research Focus:

Public-Private Investment Dynamics: The research will dissect the intricate relationship between public investments and private sector engagement in the AAM ecosystem. By studying successful initiatives across the country, the team aims to identify best practices for attracting private investment and fostering robust AAM ecosystems.
Sustainable Growth and Resilience: The study will explore how AAM investments can contribute to sustainable and resilient regional economies. This includes analyzing the potential for job creation, environmental benefits, and diversification of local economies.

Equitable Workforce Development: A crucial focus will be on understanding how AAM investments can create equitable pathways for community members to access quality jobs in the industry. The research will identify best practices for ensuring inclusive participation in this burgeoning field.

Driving Innovation in California: Monterey Bay DART, a leader in convening stakeholders and fostering innovative future-relevant markets, sees this partnership as a vital step forward. By understanding the impact of strategic investments, they aim to attract further private capital, inform policy decisions, and create an environment conducive to AAM development in Central California.


Josh Metz, Executive Director of Monterey Bay DART: “California has a rich aviation history, and we’re committed to keeping the innovation engine running. This research will help us leverage AAM’s potential for all Californians, creating jobs, boosting economies, and positioning our region as a leader in this revolutionary field.”

Matt Beatty, Founder and Principal Consultant of A3: “A3 is excited to join forces with MB DART, building on their impressive work with partners like Joby. By learning from other successful initiatives, we can develop a roadmap for California to stay ahead of the curve in the AAM revolution.”

Report and Timeline:

The research is expected to be completed in fall 2024 and will culminate in a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations for public and private stakeholders. The findings will be presented to the Monterey Bay DART Board of Directors and made available to the public.

Contact: For more information, please contact Monterey Bay DART at (831) 264-8299.

About Monterey Bay DART:

The Monterey Bay Drone, Automation, and Robotics Technology (DART) initiative is a non-profit dedicated to advancing future-relevant workforce and economic development solutions. Learn more:

About Advanced Aviation Alignment Consulting:

A3 guides state, local, and industry stakeholders through the evolving aviation landscape, focusing on AAM. Learn more:

2023 Monterey Bay DART Symposium Unites Industry, Academia, Government and Communities


Marina, CA, November 7, 2023 – The 2023 DART Symposium, held at the CSUMB University Center from October 11th to October 13th, concluded successfully, marking a milestone event in the world of Advanced Air Mobility, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Agricultural Technology, and Inclusive Economic Development. With a diverse range of insightful discussions, workshops, and notable speakers, the symposium lived up to its promise of facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and inclusive cross-sector engagement.

**Day 1 – Community Integration**

The first day of the symposium kicked off with an enlightening Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Short-Course, hosted by the Community Air Mobility Initiative. This workshop provided state and local decision-makers, agency staff, urban and transportation planners, and interested individuals with a comprehensive introduction to the emerging world of advanced air mobility.

Symposium participants had the exclusive opportunity to join the Joby Aviation at Marina tour, gaining a behind-the-scenes look at Joby Aviation’s advanced manufacturing facilities at the Marina Municipal Airport.

At lunch, Josh Metz, Executive Director of MBDART, and Ken Smith, Lead Organizer of the Salinas Inclusive Economic Development Initiative, extended a warm welcome to all attendees. Senator Anna Caballero, California State Senate District 14,  shared her insights on the importance of AAM to the California economy and to the Salinas Valley workforce.

In the afternoon, the Community Integration – Economic & Workforce Development Workshop brought together various stakeholders to discuss economic and workforce development opportunities and challenges related to advanced air mobility and agricultural technology adoption. The day concluded with the Airspace Integration Corridors & Central Coast Flight Information Exchange Workshop, exploring the potential for establishing safe and secure UAS integration corridors in California.

**Day 2 – AAM & UAS Economic Development Opportunities**

The second day commenced with a hearty breakfast and registration, followed by welcoming remarks by CSUMB College of Business Dean, Dr. Marylou Shockley. Matt Field, Chief Financial Officer at Joby Aviation, delivered an insightful keynote focused on Joby Aviation’s development and implementation pathway.

Two engaging panels delved into supporting continued AAM development (Moderated by MBDART Strategic Advisor/COO, Shari Tavaf), and the creation and management of airspace innovation corridors (Moderated by MBDART Co-Founder, Chris Bley). Notable industry leaders and experts led these discussions, shedding light on the state of research and development and the importance of innovation corridors.

The day continued with a featured, all-female leader panel (moderated by Community Air Mobility Initiative Executive Director, Yolanka Wulff), discussing government’s role in supporting AAM innovation and safety, followed by discussions on infrastructure, vertiports, and test facilities (moderated by UC Berkeley transportation futurist and researcher, Adam Cohen). Following that informative session, Fireside Chat with Carol Dietrich, Founder & President @Jump Aero Inc. and Dean Donovan, Partner @Diamond Stream Partners. Rounding out the day with exploring new return on investment opportunities in the AAM market (moderated by CSUMB College of Business Professor, Dr. Jennifer Kuan).

The evening concluded with a Networking Reception at the University Center, allowing participants to build valuable connections.

**Day 3 – Partnerships & Workforce Development**

The final day began with breakfast and registration, followed by an inspiring keynote from Daniel Theobald, Co-Founder & President of MassRobotics,  setting the stage for discussions on agtech innovation and workforce development.

Panel discussions on public-private workforce development partnerships and community partners in workforce and economic development highlighted the importance of collaboration in nurturing talent and creating economic opportunities.

The symposium concluded with closing remarks, emphasizing the significance of partnerships and workforce development in the rapidly evolving AAM and UAS industries.

The 2023 DART Symposium was a resounding success, with participants and speakers leaving with a deeper understanding of the potential and challenges of the AAM and UAS sectors. The event fostered collaboration among industry experts, government officials, and community leaders, paving the way for a more connected and innovative future.

For more information about the 2023 DART Symposium and upcoming events, please visit


**Contact Information:**

Josh Metz Executive Director Monterey Bay DART (831) 254-8299

Our Sponsors and Partners

2022 Monterey Bay DART Symposium Reaches New Heights

Monterey Bay Drone Automation and Robotics Technology (DART) held a symposium at the University Center of California State University’s Monterey Bay (CSUMB) campus, Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2022. Nearly 200 attendees enjoyed two days of compelling panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. This year’s event was rich with collaboration, connections, and vision for a more robust and inclusive future.

Attendees heard from industry leaders, legislators, educators, and philanthropists on topics like:

  • Air taxis to logistics: what’s new in Advanced Air Mobility
  • Building an advanced aviation workforce
  • Enabling Innovation: Ecosystems, Districts & Facilities
  • Agriculture & Utilities Innovation & Economic Opportunity
  •  Innovation thru Inclusive Economic Development

“The Monterey Bay DART team is so grateful to our speakers, sponsors, and attendees,” said Joshua Metz, Executive Director and Co-founder of Monterey Bay DART. “These events are key to bringing the right people together to build the foundation for a stronger, more inclusive economy that leverages these budding technologies.”

Event videos and copies of presentations are available HERE. To sign up for the DART mailing list for occasional updates on drones, automation, and robotics technology, please click HERE.

Our Sponsors and Partners

Laura Oliphant | Serendibite Partners

Join Andrea Pesce of UCSC and Laura Oliphant of Serendibite Partners talking about Investor Topics for October 19-23 DART Symposium.

Dr. Laura Oliphant is an accomplished technology executive, venture investor, and board member.  She spent 25 years with Intel, 15 of which was in Intel Capital, where she received Intel’s highest award in recognition of the strategic impact of her investments.  Immediately after leaving Intel, Laura served as the CEO of Translarity, an investor backed semiconductor test startup that focused on RF test applications. Laura currently serves on the Board of Directors for Novelda AS and Numascale AS, both based in Oslo, Norway.  Numascale is a maker of chips that enable high performance, scale up computing, and Novelda enables presence sensing with their ultra-high-resolution radar technology.  Laura is also on the boards of Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ: AEHR), a maker of burn in systems, and Feasible, a pioneer in battery intelligence systems.  In addition to her boards, she is very active in the startup community.  Laura received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, where her thesis research was centered on candidate batteries for electric cars.